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Welcome to TCDs donation page! Your donation will help us promote and protect democracy, human rights, and good governance in Tanzania. With your support, we can continue to undertake various programs and activities, including civic education and awareness campaigns, policy research and analysis, election monitoring, and capacity building for civil society organizations and local government officials.

Making a donation is easy. You can donate securely online through our website or by bank transfer. Every donation counts, and we appreciate your support in any amount. As a registered non-profit organization in Tanzania, your donation is tax-deductible under Tanzanian tax laws. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Thank you for considering a donation to TCD. Your contribution will help us achieve our mission of promoting and strengthening democracy, human rights, and good governance in Tanzania.


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Bank Name : CRDB Bank Plc
Account No : 099372782233
Currency : TZS
Swift Code : CRTSZZ
Country : Tanzania

Organisation : Tanzania Centre for Democracy
Physical Location To Deliver : Mikocheni, TPDC Road, Chumvikiwa Street No.16
Country : Tanzania