Women Political Participation and Leadership

On 25th April 2023 Tanzania Center for Democracy (TCD) in collaboration with the Switzerland Embassy in Tanzania successfully conducted a workshop with a theme Enhancing women participation in political and Electoral Processes to review a report on the analysis of gender gaps in the legal documents of political parties whereby The Registrar of Political Parties, Hon. Judge Francis Mutungi graced the event as a guest of honor.

Since the formation of the TCD in 2005, national political party leaders have been able to meet and discuss various agendas that are in the national and party members interests. Speaking earlier while inaugurating the workshop, Party Registrar Judge (retired) Francis Mutungi said political parties must address these challenges to ensure maximum participation of women in the parties’ leadership.

“The reality on the ground is telling,” Mr Mutungi said. “The number of women in the decision-making organs of our political parties is dismally low. I think this is a challenge political parties should commit to
address as part of national strategies to achieve gender parity in Tanzania.”